Ariasana Recharging TAB Aero 360 Universal Degrees 450 Grams
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Ariasana Recharging TAB Aero 360 Universal Degrees 450 Grams

  • La ricarica Tab è utilizzabile nei Kit Aero 360° o in altri Kit da 450g
  • La Tab converte l’umidità in una soluzione salina
  • La soluzione viene raccolta nel recipiente
  • Non necessita di elettricità
  • Ecosostenibile e conveniente


€3.50 Tax excluded

Ariasana Aero 360 ° TAB Odorless

450g Universal Rechargeable Tab Recharging Enhanced for Large Envelope Kits.
Thanks to its innovative grooved surface and central hole, it has a larger air exchange surface. In addition,
it has retained both ultra-absorbent active crystals for effective moisture action and the patented anti-odor agent for neutralizing odors.
Thanks to the benefits of essential oils, it also offers a unique fragrance for home and wellness 450g Two-Color Rechargeable Tabs (Tab) that can be used in non-electrical absorbing units. Effective in a
Room up to 55 m3 (equivalent to a room of about 20 m2).

Fields of Application

Aero 360 ° Tab contains ultra-absorbent crystals that can capture excess moisture to ensure optimal air quality. It is also
Characterized by a new patented technology that substantially reduces bad smells without masking them.
Aero 360 ° Tab is effective up to 3 months in a space of 20m2 (depending on temperature and humidity level) and, if used with Aero 360 ° kit,
Is up to 40% more efficient (compared to Henkel standards). Aero 360 ° tab prevents moisture, mold, condensation, bad smells The Tab is ideal for environments such as kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, as well as in second homes, in the basement,
In boat and even in poorly isolated spaces with excess moisture. For larger spaces, we recommend using 2 or more 360 ​​Aero Kit.

How to Use

Open the Tablet Box Avoid contact with the skin. Place the tab on the grid and close the device.
Once the Tab has completely disconnected open the device and empty the collected solution in the toilet. Clean residues with lukewarm water To ensure optimum air circulation, position the device at least 10 cm from the wall.
Avoid contact with the Tab or the solution collected with metallic surfaces, leather, fabrics or carpets. In case of contact, wash immediately with lukewarm water.

  • Brand: Ariasana
  • Product code: 1680991 Henkel
  • Product weight: 0.600 kilograms
  • Tab Composition: Calcium Chloride
  • Performance: Up to 3 months in a 20m² room *
  • Shelf Life: 24 months
  • Perfume: Odorless

Ean Code: 8004630911363
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