Loctite Super Attak Original Liquid Blister 3 gr
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Loctite Super Attak Original Liquid Blister 3 gr


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Loctite Super Attak Original

New Triple Resistance Formulation
The new formulation allows a triple resistance: water, shocks and temperatures. Easy instant liquid instant sticker Application thanks to the special nozzle, can be optimally dosed by exerting a slight pressure on the bottle or on the
tube. The hood is equipped with anti-shrinkage needle: this way the product does not dry, does not spill and is always ready for use.
Ideal for bonding rubber, metal, ceramic, wood, leather, leather and various types of plastic

Instructions for Use

  1. Make sure that the surfaces to be glued are dry and comfortably clean
  2. Avoid glue contact with skin
  3. Apply a velvet of LOCTITE® Super Attak Original only on one of the two pieces to be glued
  4. Connect the two parts immediately and hold them together by pressing for at least one minute
  5. Leave for 10 minutes or better still all night to allow the development of maximum adhesive power
  6. Avoid spills and protect the work surface.
  7. To remove residues from Super Attak Original use LOCTITE® Scarf (check previously on a hidden part of the surface).
  8. The best results are obtained with an ambient temperature of 15-30 o C and a relative humidity of at least 30%
  9. To maximize the useful life of the product, clean the dispenser nozzle with a cloth to remove excess glue,
    Close with the cap and store the product in a cool, dry place


  1. Do not use on dirty, dusty or wet surfaces
  2. Not suitable for bonding PE, PP, PTFE (such plastics are skinny to the touch), silicone rubber, glass or vitrified surfaces.
  3. Do not use Super Attak to paste parts that will be used to contain hot liquids.
  • Brand: Loctite
  • Article number: 2048080
  • Chemical nature: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
  • Appearance: Transparent, Liquid
  • Viscosity: 20-80 mPas
  • Packaging: 3g tube
  • Density at 20 ° C: 1.08 (g / cm3)
  • Product life at 20 ° C: 24 months (closed)

Code Ean: 8000776157658
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